Debut album with a global message

Debut album with a global message

From the heart of Denmark, Rosengreen now releases his debut album World at Your Feet, a global minded album that builds bridges between musical cultures and leaves you with a spirit of the world.

When was the last time you entered Africa, South America, Scandinavia, Southern Europe and the Middle East on the same journey? Well, now you have the chance, thanks to Danish guitarist and composer Nikolaj Rosengreen, an excited young Dane releasing his debut album, World at Your Feet.

Inspired by people, cultures and traditions from all over the world, Nikolaj Rosengreen is indeed a traveller in world music, and that’s exactly what becomes clear when listening to his new album. For what does a man do when he feels rooted in so many different cultures? In the case of Rosengreen he invites them all into his music. Just listen to World At Your Feet; You can hear Africa. You can hear the Middle East and you can hear Rosengreens native soil.

A unifying musical dish

As with food where excitement and curiosity result in colourful and tasty dishes, these are also the main spices in the musical dish that Rosengreen has dreamed of serving for a long time. He now hopes that you will try it out with an open mind, and that you will enjoy the richness of musical flavours that he himself values so deeply.

World at Your Feet is released on September 9th. From this date it can be purchased on